Since the beginning our target was and is total quality.
Raw material quality
This target is carried out by:
-  purchase of fruits avoiding traders or purchase points but
   directly from farmers which are able to guarantee a supplier
    auditing before co-operation including controls of pesticides
    they use.
-  a continuous, constant and strict control of all incoming
   raw materials at the delivery resulting a full traceability from
   the growing to the final product.
- Thanks to the co-operation with bigger growers and local
   qualified offices, our company is developing organic raw material
   production destined to specific final products.

- Production quality - The quality is assured by a continuous training of our operators, a strict respect of H.A.C.C.P. & G.M.P and by the use of proper machineries and equipment projected and realized upon most strict E.U. sanitary regulations.
Environment - The concept of quality is extended to the respect of environment by a complete treatment of all process water by our own waste water treatment plant and by the use of natural gas only. In additional we have the full control of our waste through the co-operation with companies authorised to recycle.
Certification - FRUBELLA PROCESSING works under the shield of H.A.C.C.P. rules. ISO certification is in progress and expected for the beginning of 2005. Kosher certification is available.